За Поморие

Pomorie - an ancient city with great culture and weather


Pomorie was founded in the IV century BC under the name Anhialo, next to a salty lake (lagoon). It was worshipped by the ancient Thracians because of its therapeutic properties. The town is situated on a narrow rocky peninsula, protruding 3,5 km into the Black Sea. Pomorie is 20 km away from Burgas, 18 km away from Sunny Beach and 9 km away from an international airport. This location makes the town a very appealing place to visit.  It is a real oasis on the Black Sea characterised by beautiful nature, favourable climate with mild winter, pleasant summer and long and warm autumn. That is why Pomorie has been a preferred place to settle, relax or undergo physiotherapy procedures for many years.


The town is considered the biggest mud treatment resort in Bulgaria. It is one of the most favoured resorts for summer sea vacations due to its wonderful climate, perfect recreational facilities and opportunities for cultural and educational tourism. Apart from the marvellous beaches, Pomorie also boasts a treasured lake - lagoon used for mud therapy and as a saltern where sea salt is produced. The local mineral water is of a very rare type and has low mineral content.



Cultural and historical landmarks in Pomorie:

  • Old Pomorian Houses Architectural Reservation
  • Thracian dome tomb dated III century BC
  • Roman mausoleum dated III century AD
  • The XVIII century church Transfiguration of Christ
  • The Saint George Monastery
  • Archaeological museum
  • The Salt Museum - one of a kind in the Black Sea region


Natural phenomena in the region of Pomorie:

  • Therapeutic black sand
  • Liman lake with high salt content
  • Liman mud
  • Pomorian lye
  • Summer snowflake
  • Ornithological observatory